Top Five E-Commerce Technology Trends to Watch in 2021
Discover the top 5 e-commerce trends for fashion retailers to drive sales, improve customer experience and brand loyalty online in 2021.
Callum Bramley
Jan 11, 2021
How to Integrate Social Shopping into Your E-Commerce Strategy
50% of consumers say that seeing user-generated content would increase their chances of buying products through a brand's social media. We outline on how social shopping can be leveraged with easy automation to boost sales.
Team Streamoid
December 2, 2020
How AI Cataloging Can Supercharge E-Commerce Strategy
As online retail matures, it’s fundamental for retailers to embrace tools that help them innovate at scale. AI product tagging helps retailers save 90% time, improves SEO relevance and benefits in-site discoverability.
Team Streamoid
November 10, 2020
Discover AI Assisted Cataloging for Marketplaces
The fashion industry's reliance on digital channels has accelerated significantly in a short span because of Covid-19. AI assisted cataloging products such as AutoScribe help retailers go to market 80% faster. Read more on how it could help the industry bounce back and save up to 1000 hours per quarter.
Vivek Bharadwaj
October 13 2020
How an AI Stylist for E-Commerce is Born
In 2014, we set out to build a world class AI stylist. After many experiments and trying different approaches, we cracked the outfit recommendation engine. Today, we can convert a brand style guide into rules and add it as a layer of intelligence within hours.
Malini Konda
October 7 2020
How Does AI Styling Benefit Online Retail?
AI Styling engines work by using tens of thousands of style rules. These are often curated by human stylists themselves and can generate millions of outfits in a day. In a grim retail landscape, could this actually become a tool to drive conversions for the retailer? Does it have any benefits for the customer? Let's find out.
Team Streamoid
September 30 2020
The Aesthetics of Fashion Part 2
Do your products have style?
Shreyas Yelamaggad
April 24 2020
The Aesthetics of Fashion Part 1
What is your style?
Shreyas Yelamaggad
April 14 2020
Visual Search Needs to be Fashion Aware to Understand Consumers
An analysis and summary of a recent visual search industry report
Varshitha Kyalnor
December 5 2019
The Problem with Visual Search in Fashion…and How to Fix It
Successful retailers are adopting to innovative technology for customers, while increasingly relying on AI. To retain their edge in an extremely competitive space, starting with “visual search” is now common.
Vivek Bharadwaj
November 13 2019
How Does Culture Affect Your Style?
The internet has given everyone access to global fashion. But does it come at a cost of our own personal style?
Suna Hasan
September 12, 2019
Of Nature, Black Magic, AI and Hacking
Confusing title? It was intentional. There is a parallel between black magic and hacking and it becomes quite clear in case of AI…
Rajesh Kumar
May 24 2019
Searched, Seen, Sold…
Where are retailers falling short on search? Why is this such a huge problem and how can the latest technology begin to solve it?
Deepika Sai Chitkara
April 15 2019
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