Fashion Superintelligence

Transforming Fashion Retail
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Streamoid offers a suite of AI solutions and tools for web optimisation and personalisation.

Consistent user experience across all sales channels

What are we?

We help retailers  transform their online stores into dynamic, personalized shopping experiences

Seamlessly infuse fashion AI  into your processes and empower all to do more.

E-Commerce APIs
Solutions for every part of your website and mobile apps. Fashion focused search and recommendation engines that improve relevance and increase conversions.
Catalog Automation
From days of manual work to minutes. Create marketing videos from just product photos
Retail Intelligence
Compare products across the globe. Get amazing insights on your sales
Hyper Personalization
Match customers to products they want.
ML Services
Use your existing fashion data to create machine learning models with our No Code Solution

How we do it.

Computer Vision

Fashion Specific Deep Learning Stack

Fashion domain provides unique challenges for automation. We have trained over 7000 models  to automate fashion.  Our patent portfolio is a testament to our innovation in this field of fine grained image classification, segmentation and generative adversarial networks for fashion.

Reliable & Interpretable AI

10+ million images processed so far

Structured fashion data is a game changer.  The amount of depth and amount of detail that we have in our data corpus increases our AI model reliability and also aides in model interpretability and explainability

Unparalleled Fashion Taxonomy

Fashion taxonomy is a field that has never had a scientific study unlike evolutionary biology which is a science that has precise classification of all living beings. By scouring through the internet for last 5 years and assisted by many domain experts, we have built a taxonomy which helps us organize fashion data. Our system is not only vast but also flexible to is continuously adapting to the changes in fashion world.

Fashion Knowledge Graph

Trained to understand fashion in any context

Understanding fashion language is nuanced and complex. We trained our system using data mined from style blogs, e-commerce descriptions, trends and other textual & image data available to us. Our unique fashion knowledge graph understands fashion like none other.


Scalable and simple to integrate

Easy to use APIs | Platform Agnostic