About Us

Revolutionising Fashion AI Technology since 2013
Streamoid is a small but rapidly growing team of engineers, researchers, stylists, and dreamers. With development centers in New York and Bangalore, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can add value to our vision.

Streamoid is a technology company building a superintelligent AI platform for fashion and retail. Offering next generation search and style recommendations, it acts as a highly trained stylist and shop-assistant rolled into one. Our retail offering includes a revolutionary suite of products that redefine Search and Styling in the online shopping experience.

We have leveraged our expertise in computer vision, recent advances in various components of Artificial Intelligence, and an ever growing fashion rule-set, to create the most advanced, production-ready fashion intelligence in the world.

Streamoid’s search, is powered by the most advanced fashion intelligence in the world. It understands natural language, images, voice and the context of the fashion query. It knows the difference between “Dress Shirts” and “ Shirt Dresses”. You can interact with it, like you would with a highly knowledgeable fashion sales assistant.

Our styling engine offers online product and outfit recommendations in real time based on shopper’s intent. We are taking this to the next level where like a personal stylist we will offer product recommendations and style advice for individual shoppers, based on principles of good styling, fashion trends and individual tastes and preferences.

Today we are working with clients worldwide, from large department stores to smaller boutique brands. Every catalogue and customer interaction adds knowledge to our fashion intelligence. And what’s more we never forget what we learn.