Fashion driven by Artificial Intelligence

Increase Conversions, Customer Engagement, Visual Intelligence


Re-craft your customers experience with AI powered product recommendations based on their real time shopping behavior.

Open up new sales channels

Reach customers where they're already spending time. Use our customizable chatbots built with fashion AI to transform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest into two-way sales channels.

Leverage a Complete User Profile

The piQit closet gives us insights into customers helping you understand the brands they own, the colors they like, and what kind of styles they wear. This data coupled with shopper behavior, fashion trends, and our proprietary fashion knowledge base powers our platform.

Aditya Birla Online Fashion

"We are personalising our site using AI visual personalisation products from Streamoid Technologies. These are driving our conversions and cross-sells higher."

Prashant Gupta, CEO

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Visually Intelligent Bots: The future of fashion personalization
iamwire | 5th September, 2016
The widespread use of messaging apps such as Kik, Whatsapp, and Messenger, combined with vastly improved Natural Language Processing (NLP), heralds the rise of the bots.
ABOF partners with Streamoid to personalize shopping experience
Economic Times | 9th August, 2016
The fashion portal claims to have achieved a 95% accuracy rate through this simpler level of image-mapping technology.
Serial entrepreneur and ex-inMobi employee’s fashion platform uses AI to let you try it before you buy it
YourStory | 28th April, 2016
Streamoid essentially works as a fashion personalisation, analytics, and predictive recommendation platform with deep learning that is augmented with stylists’ input.

Key Performance Indicators

Conversion Rate

The percentage of visits to the site that result in a conversion was found to increase by 20-25% with our clients.

Average Order Value

The Average basket size and final order values were both found to rise noticeably after retailers implemented the Streamoid outfitter tool to promote product cross sales.

Click Through Rate

The percentage of customers expressing interest by clicking on Streamoid visual-based recommended products was found to be 1.5x that of the existing collaborative algorithms.

Cart Abandonment

With the implementation of the Streamoid brand chatbot, shoppers are able to resolve doubts prior to making a purchase. This increase in purchase confidence, decreases the amount of abandoned carts.

Time on Site

The ability to chat with a personal stylist about any fashion related query, greatly improves the time a user spends on the retailer's website. The increased session duration exposes users to a broader variety of products in the retail catalog.

Return Rate

Customers who bought items after a discussion with the Streamoid styling assistant are much less likely to return the product to the store.

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