Machine Learning Services

Use our tried and tested tools with which we built our AI models. Use your own data and build your own AI.
Giving you the power to monitor, control, and change the automated content to suit your needs.


No Code

Build your own AI model with 0 lines of code. The platform enables data specialists to become data scientists and build deep learning models. Data specialists can also track their changes and build better versions of the model as time goes by

Data Tools

Clean, structured data is gold. Our tools help you mine this from your own existing data. Build your own taxonomy. Upload your own data and use our proprietary algorithms to clean it and use for training.

Deploy Instantly

Get an AI model based on your own data and deploy it instantly on designated infrastructure. Use the newly minted AI model to start predicting the values. Integrate the same with more complex internal enterprise workflows. No need of systems knowledge, no need of ops knowledge. Standard infrastructure can scale automatically.

Monitor And Evaluate

Evaluating the model and keeping it up-to-date is essential to build an enterprise ready AI model. Our platform gives various options to evaluate the models and also enables active-learning techniques.