Blending AI and Human Expertise

Fashion Artificial Intelligence

From the ground up, our platform was built for fashion. We combine the latest techniques in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Understanding with our proprietary fashion knowledge base to provide unparalleled fashion intelligence.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the ability to understand the content of an image. It helps us recognize the various colors, patterns, and shapes in the fashion world. These images can be anywhere - a post on Instagram, a photo in a news article, or a picture on someone's camera.

Sophisticated NLU

Natural Language Understanding is the capability of inferring meaning from conversational speech or text. We tailor our NLU to understand the fashion context of any word, sentence, conversation, and even editorial articles or blogs.

Deep Learning

Our ability to understand images and text combined with various learning neural frameworks makes our Fashion AI toolkit extremely powerful. Streamoid's FashionNet is a model built with a unique dataset of over 12 million fashion products - one of the largest ever made.

Content Ingestion

Our sophisticated fashion AI ingests content from various sources for fashion context and learns from it. We identify trends from social media, online sales, and fashion magazines. To augment the learning process, we have a panel of stylists training the machine and building a comprehensive fashion database. Product recommendations, outfit generation, occasion detection, and personal styling can all be done in real time.


With our simple plug and play APIs/SDKs, some of our clients have gone LIVE less than a week after they reached out to us.


99.9% guaranteed uptime for all our services and 24 hour response time for support requests.


Infrastructure optimized to offer sub-second SLA's


User-brand interactions in all channels are aggregated for the highest degree of personalization and user insight


Client retains high degree of control over our products in use by them. Involvement of Streamoid in day to day operations is optional.