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Animator from Streamoid is a service that links print or digital images to relevant content online. Enable readers to click on images and unlock rich audio-visual content or buy the products instantly. Publishers can use their own app with our SDK integrated, or our Animator app which is available for free. Although we do all the work, Publishers and Brands can maintain a tight control over content with our robust Content Management System.
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Catalogs come alive

Catalogs inspire shoppers but a lot of business is lost between inspiration and actual conversion. With the Animator service, shoppers can click on the catalog images to buy products from the comfort of their couch.

Bang for your buck in print

With limited space in your printed publications, it is imperative to maximize revenues. Publishers can upsell print ads by using the Animator service to make them interactive and shoppable.
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Readers often want to purchase items featured in articles or worn by celebrities but don't know where to get them. With no effort from the publisher, our Animator servive automatically links these images to similar products online, effortlessly letting customers trasnsition from readers to shoppers on the web or mobile sites.

Out of home but still connected

Hoardings, packaging, POS, posters, books - any image can be made interactive. We can link these images to polls, quizzes, photo galleries, videos... anything that is available in the digital world. All Publishers and brands need to do is tell us what they want.

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