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Expert StyleBots on call 24x7

Guide your customers with an expert stylist that is fast, easy to access, and personalized. With a cross-platform fashion chatbot conceptualized, developed, hosted, and maintained just for you, engage your customers with fashion intelligence delivered to regular conversations.

Forget checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders and all those filters. If your customer is looking for something specific from your brand, they can just ask our bot!

With a machine learning engine co-created by engineers and in-house stylists, Streamoid’s bots provide guidance and occasion appropriate outfit recommendations.

Using our advanced NLP and deep integration with your business, our bots offer many advantages over human agents. They are online 24x7, can reply instantly to concurrent conversations, deliver personalized support and offer cost savings.

Engage Better

Offer automated customer service & styling assistance with FB Messenger. Use your chatbot to inspire users to find products that suit their personality.

Integrate Easily

We help you create your own chatbot for Facebook without touching any of your existing infrastructure. Get started with no effort on your part.

Tweet Back 24x7

Anytime someone uses a specific hashtag referencing your brand, automatically respond with a product or outfit recommendation.

Monetize your hashtag

Drive product sales via an already existing channel. Use Twitter like never before.

Promote Better

Forget email & SMS - use a relevant platform. Send out targeted and interactive promotional messages that actually make an impact on your users.

Stand out from the crowd

You now have the power to connect with ALL your followers. Spread the brand message to people who want to listen.

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