Give your customers an online styling assistant

The future of retail

Our cutting edge technology uses fashion rules and machine learning to crunch millions of data points and fashion trends to learn, react, and continuously improve our fashion intelligence. Harness our AI platform to engage your customers at a personal level.
Automatic Outfit Generation

Outfit Generation

Increase the basket size by cross selling. Create a complete look in real time, based on occasion, style, or theme. Taking shoppers intent, our fashion AI recommends looks from the retailer’s current inventory.

Image Search

Convert inspirations from real or virtual worlds into a sale. Shoppers can take a photo or upload a link to find similar products from your retail inventory. Leverage the power of intelligent visual search.

Use an image from social media to find the product you want
Out of Stock Replacement


Reduce Cataloguing costs. Our industrial auto cropping and scribing tool removes the background and auto populates descriptive tags for images.

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Like a real salesperson it displays similar products. Taking the item being viewed we make visually similar product recommendations in real time using the shape, colour and pattern of the item.

Use a product image to generate a description automatically
Product recommendations using visual features and user personality

Out of Stock Products

Convert Out of Stock pages into real sales of similar looking products. Don’t disappoint users with an out of stock size. Instead, recommend them a similar looking item that is available in their size.

Shop the trend

Imagine if customers could shop trending celebrity Instagram posts directly from your website. Influencer photos are automatically linked to similar looking outfits and products from your catalog!

Shop from Instagram
Search a product catalog with casual spoken language

Natural Language Search

Let your customers search through your website using conversational language. Search product and outfit images with no effort, instead of relying on cumbersome keywords.

Key Performance Indicators

Conversion Rate

The percentage of visits to the site that result in a conversion was found to increase by 20-25% with our clients.

Average Order Value

The Average basket size and final order values were both found to rise noticeably after retailers implemented the Streamoid outfitter tool to promote product cross sales.

Click Through Rate

The percentage of customers expressing interest by clicking on Streamoid visual-based recommended products was found to be 1.5x that of the existing collaborative algorithms.

Cart Abandonment

With the implementation of the Streamoid brand chatbot, shoppers are able to resolve doubts prior to making a purchase. This increase in purchase confidence, decreases the amount of abandoned carts.

Time on Site

The ability to chat with a personal stylist about any fashion related query, greatly improves the time a user spends on the retailer's website. The increased session duration exposes users to a broader variety of products in the retail catalog.

Return Rate

Customers who bought items after a discussion with the Streamoid styling assistant are much less likely to return the product to the store.

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